All You Need To Know About Roller And Garage Doors

Security has been an increasing concern, whether it’s for your favourite car or shop for commercial set up. You don’t want to take any chance in terms of safety against any theft, and strong, robust heavy-duty shutters and rollers are the first line of defence in this regard. WA Roller Doors situated in Perth, are the pioneers in this industry for past 25 years, offering a variety of installations both for residential and commercial purposes. has recently come up with a list of highly innovative and technological advances line of products trending in the industry of roller doors.

Here is some of the basics knowledge about technicalities and trends in this highly specialized domain, which can help you to make the appropriate choice while investing.

1. Material Used – The long lasting and durability is considered as the most important property of rollers and doors. Some of the material used which withstand the wear and tear over the years are steel, fibreglass, wood, and aluminium. Wooden composites stay as the evergreen favourite due to its natural look and can be easily customized, but definitely, require a lot of care to increase the life. Steel is highly durable, robust and highly efficient substance which can withhold strong winds and extreme climatic conditions and also less expensive and low maintenance. The new age innovative wooden look steel doors are one of the growing trends. To improve upon the aesthetical appearance another newer option include fibreglass and aluminium have also been introduced which are suitable for oceanic climate but are relatively weaker substances.

2. Technological advancement – Automated with hydraulic setup and energy saving installations have replaced the traditional cumbersome, heavy doors. With advanced technological add in like photoelectric safety detectors avoid any sought of accident from happening high-security transmitters which are programmed to operate only through a personal code and remote controls to manage the light, opening and closing function etc. from few steps away and made it all more convenient and user-friendly.

3. Types of garage door- Garage door options which include single glazed, double glazed, tilt up wooden garage doors are the most affordable option as well as considered to be most steady and stable pattern, roll -up wooden doors which can have either flush or panel designed construction pattern. Steel doors with wooden finish and patterns like recessed panels, the ribbed design, raised panels or thermal panel sectional door. Different types of door options are available in varied colors and design patterns which enhances the overall appearance of your property.

Apart from residential installation, another domain of specialization is industrial setups. These installations are generally used to secure factories, warehouses, work units, shops etc. These are made from extremely strong and durable metals and are available in both manual and automated variant. These roller doors are functionally better than the traditional horizontally opening. There are some legislative guidelines for the installation and maintenance of these doors which the commercial firms should follow strictly.

Since these installations involve decent investment, one should analyze the circumstances like the intensity of risk, climatic constraints, the desired appearance before finalizing upon the best choice.