How To Choose The Appropriate Router Bits

Router Bits

Woodwork is the art of precision and perfection. Using appropriate equipment to drill in to the proper depth is very important to get the desired result. The necessary equipment required is the router. You can choose from the options available such as fixed based routers or plunge routers. The next significant part of woodworking is the router bits. They come in different profiles, tip design types and shank sizes. You can choose the one which suits your requirement based on Router Bits Reviews available online. The choice of the right quality of wood type and accordingly, selecting the right router bit based on the final design, are two major decisions you need to make. Get the complete details at Before making the decision to buy a router bit, review different types of router bits profiles available on the market.

• Straight bits come in a variety of length and diameters and make a straight cut into the wood to hollow out the area or form a groove.
• Rabbeting bits have a spinning bearing on the tip, which makes a rabbet cut on the edges of the wood piece. These sorts of slots are used for joining pieces. Rabbet bits also come in varied sizes and diameter.
• Chamfer bits are used to give a decorative look to the edges of the wood piece. Such edging is much more convenient for joining multi-sided construction.
• Edge forming bits are used for decorating the sides of the surface. They come in several styles like round over bits which is a half circle profile and cove bits, which cut the concave shape.
• Flush-trim bit are used to sharpen the edges of the material, before using another bit.
• Specialized bits are dedicated for a particular task. Some examples are the stile, rail and dovetail bits which are used to shape the frame pieces, raised panel bits that shape the edges of the door panel and to drill the drawer lock bit respectively.

When choosing your router tips, there are a couple of things to keep in mind that may prove to be especially handy. The first thing is to choose the right profile. Since there are numerous profile shapes available, determine the specific bits you will need based on your work requirement, Sometimes, you may need two or more types of bits in combination to get the desired design.

Take care to properly install the router bit before you begin your project. To use the router bit safely and to avoid an accident, it should be correctly installed. You can read or watch various online tutorials to connect the bit properly. Setting the right speed of router based on the type of bit is very important. The speed of router is directly proportional to the router bit diameter. Larger the width of the bit slower should be the speed and vice versa.

Proper maintenance of the router bits is important if you want them to last for a long time. Because of continuous wear and tear, router bits get covered with sticky matter from wood sap, which reduces the efficiency of the bit. If not cleaned regularly, the router bit loses its efficiency and dulls quickly, decreasing its life. Therefore, proper maintenance is necessary. These router bits come in different material like carbide or steel. Based on your budget and the sort of results you desire, you can choose between the two.